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Alison Teal is one of the 3 Green local election candidates for Nether Edge and Sharrow Ward on May 5th. She lives in Nether Edge.

I’m standing for election as a Green Party candidate because I believe a larger group of Green Party councillors is vital to forming a democratic council that works together to create a sustainable, healthy and inclusive city.

My professional background is in psychology and family therapy and I’ve worked with enough individuals, couples and families to know how damaging low income, inequality, poor health and lack of opportunity can be to a person’s wellbeing and relationships. I’ve previously been involved in campaigns for social justice, women’s equality, the environment, and democracy. Green Party policies match my own values and priorities. They are the only party promoting ideas that habitually consider systemic factors and the consequences of our actions over the longer term.

Our current councillors work very hard to lobby the current Labour majority on issues vital for our city like schools, buses and health and social care, and ever decreasing public amenities – libraries, adult education and youth clubs. With fellow candidates Rob Cole and Steve Barnard and local activists we are currently involved in working towards solutions for Antisocial Behaviour, Air Pollution and Tree Protection in our ward.

As an activist I will continue to campaign for the changes we need to help people now and in the future. If I am elected it will give me the opportunity to lobby for positive changes within the council for our ward and for Sheffield.DSC_0034

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