Canvassing around Mount Pleasant Park


Green Candidates for Nether Edge and Sharrow setting out from Mount Pleasant Park to canvas the lovely people in the neighbourhood on the weekend. Despite the cold and rain people answered the door and gave us plenty of encouragement to keep on working for our community and the Green movement.

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Canvassing today

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Alison and Rob at Tree Demo

Two of our candidates, Alison Teal and Rob Cole at today’s Save Our Trees demo outside the Town Hall.

Alison and Rob Tree Demo

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The Liberal Democrats and the Street Trees

The issue of the street trees is very important in Nether Edge and Sharrow. The Council and their contractors, Amey have threaten up to 70% of the trees in the city, many of them in the local area.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats are responsible for signing the contract with Amey in 2011. The Green Party actively campaigned against the out sourcing deal.  The Liberal Democrats have now forgotten  about their role in the creating this mess.

This letter in the Sheffield Telegraph shows how much the Liberal Democrats are opportunists.


I responded with this letter to the Telegraph which I hope they publish this week.

Councillor Otten rightly calls for Sheffield City Council to “restore faith by taking responsibility” and bring about a “moratorium on tree felling until a city wide tree strategy is in place” (Letters 28 January 2016). It is true that the Labour Council is displaying an arrogance and contempt for local residents who want to protect the city’s green heritage.

Perhaps Cllr Otten should also ask his Liberal Democrats colleagues to take some responsibility for this mess over the fate of the roadside trees. The offending contract with Amey was negotiated by them while they were the largest party on the Council between 2008 and 2011 and they “warmly welcomed” the project. They knew then all about the threat to the trees and the lack of accountability that was written into the deal yet they now appear to be ignorant of these facts. Labour completed the agreement when they took control after the elections in 2011.

The Sheffield Green Party Councillors had no part in the contract discussions but they warned at the time that the deal was bad for the city. We saw that handing over control of vital work to Amey would lose the accountability that is so badly needed to resolve this current situation. It means that Amey does what is best for its shareholders and not what the people of Sheffield want.

The Green Party believes we need a tree strategy that is open and fully debated across the city before implementation. It should take into account all the benefits the trees bring to people; a plan for investment in planting schemes across the whole city; details of how the Council manages the stock for the long term; and build in local residents’ involvement in future decision-making. Hopefully, the Council will agree to this, in response to the thousands of Sheffield people who have signed petitions opposing tree-felling.

Steve Barnard

Nether Edge/Sharrow Green Party

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Activist Biography

Alison Teal is one of the 3 Green local election candidates for Nether Edge and Sharrow Ward on May 5th. She lives in Nether Edge.

I’m standing for election as a Green Party candidate because I believe a larger group of Green Party councillors is vital to forming a democratic council that works together to create a sustainable, healthy and inclusive city.

My professional background is in psychology and family therapy and I’ve worked with enough individuals, couples and families to know how damaging low income, inequality, poor health and lack of opportunity can be to a person’s wellbeing and relationships. I’ve previously been involved in campaigns for social justice, women’s equality, the environment, and democracy. Green Party policies match my own values and priorities. They are the only party promoting ideas that habitually consider systemic factors and the consequences of our actions over the longer term.

Our current councillors work very hard to lobby the current Labour majority on issues vital for our city like schools, buses and health and social care, and ever decreasing public amenities – libraries, adult education and youth clubs. With fellow candidates Rob Cole and Steve Barnard and local activists we are currently involved in working towards solutions for Antisocial Behaviour, Air Pollution and Tree Protection in our ward.

As an activist I will continue to campaign for the changes we need to help people now and in the future. If I am elected it will give me the opportunity to lobby for positive changes within the council for our ward and for Sheffield.DSC_0034

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Greens Can Win in Nether Edge & Sharrow

Greens can win

Greens can win

In May 2016 you will get the chance to vote for 3 Councillors. This is because of boundary changes in Sheffield. This means locally that Sharrow moves from the old Central ward to join Nether Edge.

The Green party currently have two of the three Councillors in Central and in the last election came a close second to Labour in both Central and Nether Edge.

It’s either Greens or Labour in Nether Edge and Sharrow ward.

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Climate Sense

We campaigned hard for real action during the Paris climate talks and we welcome the ground-breaking Agreement
Locally, we support the work of Sheffield Climate Alliance to bring about the local changes needed.
Sheffield Climate Alliance

Sheffield Climate Alliance

Rob Cole said “We want clean renewable energy, rather than oil, coal, fracking and nuclear power.”
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Say ‘No’ to Devolution Without Democracy

Sheffield Town Hall

Sheffield Town Hall

The recent devolution proposals for Sheffield City Region were agreed behind closed doors by Sheffield’s Council leader, George Osborne and other council leaders. They mean that we’d get an elected mayor, even though the majority of local people were against this in 2012.

Local Green, Steve Barnard said, “We want Sheffield Council to listen properly to local residents’ views on important issues like this”.
For more information see the Sheffield Green Party website.
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Supporting Local Communities and Businesses


Steve Barnard on London Road

We’re delighted that there’s so much positive activity in this area, including:
Various activities in the Lansdowne meeting rooms and at Regather on Club Garden Road.
Sharrow Community Forum, Portland Works and Regather working together on a Community Economy Development Project.
Another great turn-out at the Love Sharrow Conference and lots of new ideas for work in the area.
Friends of Mount Pleasant has restarted .
Steve Barnard is supporting a new forum for London Road businesses and anyone interested in the local economy.
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Supporting Local Community Festivals

SJS Sharrow Festival

Sarah Jane Smalley collecting rubish at the Sharrow Festival

Once again Sheffield Greens organised the recycling and rubbish collection at Sharrow Festival in Mount Pleasant Park. Green Cllr Sarah Jane Smalley said “It’s great to see so many people out enjoying themselves, and for us to be making a tangible contribution to the festival.”
Congratulations to Nether Edge for organising its first ever Festival recently. Alison Teal said “I enjoyed helping at the Up-cycling event at Common Ground, with local craftspeople demonstrating and teaching the skills of reusing unwanted materials.”
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